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Salsa Hungary
is a Budapest based team of dances
who has been teaching salsa, reggaeton, ladys style, samba, zumba, son cubano, yoga in Budapest
for around many years along

Are you interested in dancing Salsa
and other Caribbean dances in Budapest?

In that case you are in the best place and are closer than you think. We would like to take this opportunity to expose you to the passionate dances of Cuba and provide you a memory of a life time by taken part in our Salsa courses at the Salsa Hungary.

Why Learn Caribbean Dances?
- fun way of meeting people
- great way to stay in shape
- no dance experience required
- no dance partner required
- friendly sociable atmosphere

Our dear friends and students!
We are proud to say over the past years
the Salsa Hungary has provided you many memorable moments and experiences.
As we have inspired and enhanced the desire
and quality of time in the spirit of development of community culture and value preservation
for future generations.

Do you want to be more self-confident?
Then adept the Cafibbean dances, where woman can feel herself
as a woman and man can feel himself as a man.

How can you get positive physical experiences?
- How can you expend your concrete physical barriers with the help of the dance?
- How can you discover the mental and spiritual roots hiding in yourself?
- How can you develope a deeper self-knowledge?
- Can you trust your body?
- Why is the dance possibility of development without limits?
From us you can get the answeres...

Please choose the place and the course you would like to come at that place.
Fill the convenient application form and send us back and so we are in touch already. Of course this does not yet oblige you to anything but makes sure the possibility of mutual information. We would be glad if you came, we would be more glad if you remained too and we would be even more glad if you informed your friends...

We think that here you find what you are looking for and you learn to dance... let alone the self-confidence necessary for it. You can come at any time, to any course, irrespective of your quality level, since it is the liberty which is the most important and which is characterizing the salsa in its origin.
You can ask anything,
and we are glad to answer just like your fellow students. And in case you don't ask then we will put questions...
Everybody comes with Socrates' words that I don't know anything but the fact that I don't know anything. We guarantee that it will remain so, you just learn Salsa magnificently.
At our courses you are helped by excellent instructors.
We trust them since otherwise they could not have got the possibility to be the dance teachers of the courses of Caribbean Academy of Dances. And why do we trust them? We hope that you yourself will make experience of it during the lessons.
The teaching goes in Hungarian and Spanish, and English also.

International Cuban Dance Camp Hungary
Hot Summer Latin Dance Festival - Siófok


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